Binary Moustache was formed in March 2009. Binary Moustache consists of two primary members: a husband and wife team based out of their home in Massachusetts. He does all of the coding, she does all of the art and web development. We also get ideas and stuff from family and friends.

The guy: Recent college graduate, Summa Cum Laude. Software Engineer by day, and when working on Binary Moustache stuff, Software Engineer by night.

The gal: Quality Engineer with M.S. in Psychology. Web and graphic designer, provides all artwork for Binary Moustache applications.

When we're not doing Binary Moustache stuff, we're doing plenty of other super-interesting things. We have a pretty big videogame collection, containing everything from Pong to Wii. We also have a sizable Anime/Manga collection that takes up an entire room of our house. We like to hit up yardsales on summer weekends looking for old videogames, and have scored some pretty nice bargains in our day. We spent 2 weeks in Tokyo, Japan for our honeymoon, and we're planning multiple return trips.

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